About The HCA

HCA Mission Statement


The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA) is the national peak body for Clinical Hypnotherapy in Australia.

The HCA provides a cohesive identity for the diversity of hypnotherapy methodologies and promotes their professional an ethical practice for the benefit of the community.

In Australia hypnotherapy is considered a profession in its own right, with individual hypnotherapists represented by different associations across the country.  These associations differ in standards, membership requirements and in the way the interact with and support their members.

To bring these associations together enabling the profession to speak with one voice on key issues concerning hypnotherapists, educational institutions and the broader public, representatives of the profession met at in Sydney in July 2010. This meeting resulted in an agreement made by most of the hypnotherapy associations and educational organisations in Australia to become self regulating through the formation of a National Peak Body, the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia, HCA. This meeting was the culmination of 3 years of work by many individuals and organisations.

Over the next 11 months, the hypnotherapy associations and most educational organisations from around Australia put their support behind the HCA, and joined as Foundation Members.

On 18th June 2011, at a national meeting hosted in Brisbane, the profession installed the inaugural National Board. The board will continue to assist the development of hypnotherapy as a profession in Australia ensuring that hypnotherapy is recognised at Government and Community levels as a valuable and important profession.

HCA will also develop national standards for hypnotherapy practice and training  and has developed a minimum standard  for a Code of Ethics for the profession.