Joining The HCA

How To Join HCA


As the peak body for Hypnotherapy is Australia HCA invites Australian Associations that have hypnotherapists as members, and Australian Educational Organisations that teach hypnotherapy, to join the HCA. However, there is no individual practitioner membership.

To find out if your organisation qualifies, download the application form which contains the criteria for therapist-12 membership, and instructions for applying. Each category has its own individual requirements, and all required documentation must be supplied, either in scanned form or hard copy, otherwise the application cannot proceed.

Although many organisations may list this required information on their websites, such information does not make for a permanent record, and as such is inadmissible.

The application fee and all required supporting documentation can then be sent to the National Board. Once the Board has reviewed the application, the applying organisation will be notified by the secretary, usually within six weeks of the application being received.
Only current member organisations are entitled to use the HCA logo.

HCA application forms


Click on the links below to download HCA application forms: