National Board

National Board of the HCA


The inaugural National Board of the HCA was elected by representatives of the hypnotherapy profession national boardat a national meeting held in Brisbane on 18th June 2011. Annual elections elect members of the profession to the board annually.

The sixth annual general meeting of HCA attended by representatives of member associations and educational institutions was held in Brisbane on 13th August 2916.


Board and Advisory Council 2016:


PresidentAntoine Matarasso (AHA)
Vice-PresidentBelinda Hulstrom (AACHP)
SecretaryWilliam Bullock (PCHA)
TreasurerLisa Webber (PHA)
Committee MembersLyndall Briggs (ASCH)
Margaret Kelly (APCCH)
Chris Davis (AAPHAN)
Advisory CouncilJoane Goulding
Don March